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Altwood Data Backup Solutions

Protect your businesses critical data from malicious attacks, man-made errors or a natural disaster. Ensure your business runs without downtime or devastating losses in revenue. Altwood offers you a world-class data backup service with SAN Backup.

Using IBM Tivoli® Storage Manager software we can manage your critical data and back it up to our high performance Gig-E connected secure storage solutions. SAN Backup reduces your risk of data loss and restores your data quickly when called upon. You can recover from hardware failures, reverse human errors like inadvertent deletions or overwriting of files, directories or websites, restore old CGI scripts when improvements backfire, and mitigate hacker attacks and restore affected sites.

Altwood data backup solutions

Our free IT Consultancy service will help you understand, enhance or create an appropriate disaster recovery strategy.

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• Daily or weekly backup of your server hard drives

• Storage of your critical data on our highly secure SAN

• Data recovery if your disk is damaged or if data is lost

• Support from IBM Tivoli® trained professionals

• Highly efficient backup and recovery processes

• Enterprise-level reliability and availability

• Compatible with Linux and Windows operating systems

• Secure (encrypted) data transfer

• Progressive incremental backups technology

• Lower transfer consumption for data backup

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