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Ultra-fast Gig-E dedicated server solutions

What is Gig-E hosting?

Hosting providers generally limit (or “throttle”) the data pipe from your server to the CISCO (or other) switch that links their cabinet to the internet. Usually this is done at 10Mbit or 100Mbit depending on the server plan that you commit to. The size of the data pipe effectively limits, or restricts the amount of data that can be transferred by your server at any given point in time. Given your own customers may have a download speed of 10, 20 or even 50Mbit per second it does not take many clients downloading content or surfing your site at any given time to saturate your 10Mbit data pipe. A slow surfer experience ultimately means lost income.

* Ultra Fast Gig-E uplinks * Zero throttling on data pipes * 100x Faster than a 10Mbit Leased Line * Single servers to Full Cluster solutions * Free Systems Consultation * Global data centres for Geo Targeting * Backup critical information in separate locations

This is the reason that Altwood has ALL its clients servers connected to multiple CISCO switches with unrestricted and un-throttled Gig-E data pipes – these are 100x the capacity of 10Mbit so called “leased lines” and x10 those with 100Mbit uplink connections. Please don’t be fooled by cheap Mbit pricing and restrict your income – with uplink speeds the size of your pipe really does matter!

Choose one of our Popular Server Configurations

* All our servers come with the latest enterprise Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or AMD processors
and are designed to deliver cutting edge hosting performance for mission critical systems


Altwood SMS10

• HP DL320 Single Intel


• 2 x 250 Gig SATA Drives

• 10Mbit unmetered Bandwidth

• Un-throttled Gig-E uplink

• 2 IP Addresses

• Fully Managed + 24/7/365 SLA

• OS: Centos v5.2 + Plesk


£349 per month

(previously £599)

e-mail sales

Altwood SMS25

• Dual 2Ghz AMD Opteron

• 4Gb SDRAM +

• 2 x 250 Gig SATA Drives

• 25Mbit unmetered Bandwidth

• Un-throttled Gig-E uplink

• 5 IP Addresses

• Fully Managed + 24/7/365 SLA

• OS: Centos v5.2 + Plesk


£795 per month

(previously £1,195)

e-mail sales

Altwood SMS100

• Dual 2Ghz AMD Opteron

• 4Gb SDRAM +

• 2 x 250 Gig SATA Drives

• 100Mbit unmetered Bandwidth

• Un-throttled Gig-E uplink

• 10 IP Addresses

• Fully Managed + 24/7/365 SLA

• OS: Centos v5.2 + Plesk


£1,295 per month

(previously £2,195)

e-mail sales


Choosing an Altwood Hosting Plan guarantees you:

• Gig-E Data Uplinks

No throttling of data pipes

• Ultra Fast Hosting

Gig-E is 100x uplink speed of 10Mbit

• Unlimited Bandwidth

No caps or extra fees within plan

• Dedicated Data Uplinks

No sharing of data pipes to switch

• Remote KVM access

Independent Server Reboots

• Service Level Agreement

With money-back promise

• 99.9999% Network Uptime

Guaranteed under SLV

• 24/7/365 support

In-house via ticketing system

• FREE Setup

Zero set up charges

• FREE Systems Consultation

Ensures right solution and price for you

• No Hidden Fees

Price guarantee on contract

• Price Guarantee

Show us an equivalent plan and we guarantee to beat it


  Different Configurations / Upgrades and Optional extra’s:

  • Plesk 10 domain license - FREE
  • Plesk 100 domain license - £24.99 per month
  • Plesk Unlimited domain license - £49.99 per month
  • Plesk Power Pack - £25.99 per month (gives access to Spam Assassin, Application Pack, Tomcat support, Coldfusion support and more)
  • Cpanel (instead of Plesk) - £24.99 per month
  • Linux Red Hat Enterprise 5 - £20.99 per month
  • Linux Ubuntu (Debian) 8.10 instead of Centos - FREE
  • Microsoft Windows 2003 Web or 2008 Standard Edition - £nil
  • Microsoft Windows Datacentre Edition - £50 per month
  • Microsoft SQL Workgroup - £50 per month
  • Microsoft SQL 2008 - £150 per month
  • FTP Backups – price on application
  • SSL Certificates – price on application
  • IP Addresses - £10 per month for each block of 10
  • Upgrade to unmetered Gig-E monthly CDR - £3,499 per month (previously £4,995)

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